Discovery Session

15 minute free call

Persona sonriendo en una llamada telefónica

In this session, you will meet with Sofía Dugas, the head Functional Nutritionist at KYO. You will discuss your goals, desires, and challenges, and by the end of the session, you will both know if this is the right fit. 

Case Review

Médico y paciente

This is a dedicated Health History Session where we ask questions about your intake session, your life history, and medical history, and create your Functional Timeline and Matrix.

Premier Leadership Nutrition Counseling

Comida preparada

Ever head of sports nutrition? Leadership nutrition is based on the same premise. Let's say you play in the Big Leagues. You must train and eat like a winner, every day. Okay, You lead a company. You too must learn to train and eat like a champion, every day. The stakes are high and it's time to rise to the occasion. CEOs who don't practice mindfulness are a thing of the past.


Do you need to improve your emotional intelligence?

Do you have insomnia and brain fog?

Do you have chronic pain that prevents you from making decisions?

Whatever you need, I work with you 1:1 in order to construct a leadership nutritional plan that will help you reach your individual goals. You will learn how to radically optimize your eating and lifestyle habits.

It’s time to give your people a mental and physical reset. 

Do you think your team could collectively benefit from lowered levels of stress, and anxiety, depression? Do you think your team could benefit from increased resilience, energy, and creativity? Do you think your team has what it takes to make dietary and lifestyle changes to see positive results in the way they work together?