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Are you experiencing mysterious weight gain or loss?

Do you have insomnia or wake up tired?

Do you have chronic pain, bloating, or discomfort?

Learn how to live a vital life with 1:1 support.

Free Discovery Session

1 Session - 15 minutes

Persona sonriendo en una llamada telefónica

In this session, you will meet with Sofía Dugas, the head Functional Nutritionist at KYO. You will discuss your goals, desires, and challenges, and by the end of the session, you will both know if this is the right fit. 

Case Review 
1 session - 120 minutes

Médico y paciente

This is a dedicated Health History Session where we ask questions about your intake form, your medical history, and your family history. After this session, you will receive your personalized Functional Timeline and Matrix.

Rachel, UK

"Sofía's personal recommendations made me feel better physically, and mentally. I would 100% recommend her services to anyone wanting to make longterm changes and feel more energy."

Leslie, USA

 I've done a lot of therapies, workshops and courses and this nutritional work is really bringing it all together. With so much intention around what we are putting into our bodies, everything is coming together.

Premier Nutrition Counseling Foundations Package
3 sessions total
1 Case Review (120 minutes)
2 Functional Counseling Sessions (50 minutes each)

This package is designed to help you get on your feet again. These three sessions include the Case Review, lab readings, personalized recommendations, and follow-up. 

Image by Clay Banks
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