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Nourishing Your Busy Life

Everyday I feel like I have to make 1 billion decisions. And for someone with ADHD, decision making takes up most of our brain battery. Because I work a full time job, take care of an adopted pup, stepmom a 6 year old, study and go to clinical practices, eating slow-cooked meals is just not my reality right now.

If you feel like me, then this one is for you. 

Take a read. Here are a few of my tried and mostly-true strategies for nourishing your busy life:

Take 210 seconds to plan

I remember reading a book where this business owner was describing his morning routine and I fully expected him to say, “Yeah, I spend 45 minutes power lifting each morning” and instead he said “I lift heavy things for 210 second every morning.” 

We creatives like to meal-plan for either five hours a week or NOT AT ALL and usually, we opt for #2

Take 210 seconds (3.5 minutes) and sketch out an idea of what you would like to eat that week. You don’t need to be even close to reality, but it will get your brain plan ahead just enough.

Embrace your “lazy” tools

I’m way late to the Instant pot party but since I was gifted one with no receipt I had to keep it. And I LOVE IT. I always thought cooking had to be a sophisticated, long, arduous and mindful process. Now I chop whatever I’ve got in the house and throw it in! If you don’t have an instant pot or an air-fryer and consider buying one, you’ll thank yourself as your food makes itself. 

Always travel with snacks:

Would you go on a road-trip without snacks? NO! Why should you leave your house without snacks? When I leave my house without food I like in my purse or pocket, I know I’m setting myself up for a hangry situation. 

Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, crackers, carrots, single-serve packets of nut butter, whatever keeps you jazzed, keep it near. 

Stay Hydrated, Friends

I struggle so hard with this one. Even with fancy water bottles. I lost 3 last year and said no more! But hey, I still need water and you do to. Here is my #keepiteasyrule: For every dark or colored drink you ingest, drink a clear glass of water with it. That’s it. Follow your coffee with water. Follow your tea with water.

Okay you get the idea, now go do it. 

Be Flexible and Forgiving

Be kind, be kind. Would you say that to a friend? Wow, you’re eating that?? Absolutely not. And if you would, I’m giving you the evil eye. Stop shaming yourselves. Stop shaming others. When the little shame voice inside gets triggered, just give it a little wink and remind it that you are doing the best you can.

Remember, you are awesome and we need you nourished. 



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