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I'm Taking This Personally

Ready to read my thoughts and musings? A bit more opinion and spice? Read on.


Friends, if you want to follow my writings and offerings, I need you to take 10 seconds to subscribe to my substack. And yes, it's free. You can pledge financial support. By all means, go for it, but I mainly want you there to witness my thoughts and offerings.

About Me

I am a facilitator, counselor and community-builder deeply drawn to nurturing the collective. I attract mosquito bites in unprecedented amounts. I sometimes think, "Wow, I must be a glowing light-filled human being" and other times I think, "I must be vitamin B deficient." Welcome to my brain and my thoughts. My humor and my darkness. It will all be shared in my newsletter.  You will also find ways to get connected with like-hearted people. 

What This is All About

Writing is my weapon, my power, my escape, and my means of creating value on this planet. I want to bridge ideas in order for us to see the world under a new light. I’ll dive into music, nutrition, the human spirit, leadership, and the collective. You’ll find the publication deeply personal in the hopes you’ll go there with me. 

My Offerings

Beyond sharing words, I will share invitations to commune and connect with the collective. My focus is on sound, movement, and nutrition. Sound connects us with the Origin, whether or not we have conscious memory of this. The voice is the heart, outside our bodies that can travel and do wonders. We will explore the inner and the outer world of the body, resonance, voice, freedom and expression. Nutrition is the tangible, the worldly. It keeps us here on this earth, alive and well. Movement keeps us going. We need all three.

Value Creation

Join me in a journey towards the Origin. That which exists beyond language, beyond culture.

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