Discovery Session

15 minute free call

Persona sonriendo en una llamada telefónica

In this session, you will meet with Sofía Dugas, the head Functional Nutritionist at KYO. You will discuss your goals, desires, and challenges, and by the end of the session, you will both know if this is the right fit. 

Case Review

Médico y paciente

This is a dedicated Health History Session where we ask questions about your intake session, your life history, and medical history, and create your Functional Timeline and Matrix.

Nutrition Counseling Session

Fruta fresca

A Nutrition Counseling session with your assigned nutritionist, who will discuss details and next steps related to your case. After each session, you will receive clear action steps that you can take to feel better now and in the long run.

Sound Healing

Cuenco tibetano Sonido curativo

This is a massage for your nervous system with absolutely no physical touch. Sofía uses her voice to intuitively guide sound to different parts of your body, clearing out all blockages in the system so your body can heal from illness, trauma, and burnout. 

1:1 Vocal Coaching

For Professionals - Rocket Session

Sesión de grabación

This session is for those who have an upcoming speech, talk, webinar, course, or pitch and want to rock it! This session will be quick-paced and dynamic where you'll give your presentation and I will give you feedback, tips, and techniques to master your delivery. If your talk is over 10 minutes, you must send it to me 24 hours in advance for me to review it before our session. 

Energy Cleanse

cuenco tibetano

This is a 2-hour experience where I come to your space or have a call and cleanse negative energies through sound. This is ideal if you feel like your home is filled with dense, dark, or heavy energies.


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