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Group Trainings

Let's heal the leaders among us.

"She meets students where they’re at and nurtures their growth in the gentlest of ways" -Amahni, Founder of Teach Me Ms Amahni

Hands Up
Hands Up

1 60-minute
"Heal the Leader" Training

If your team is already thriving and looking for the most effective self-care tools based on clinical trials, you're in the right spot. I support your team with simple, tangible practices they can do at home and work in order to show up with their all. 

Image by Levi Guzman

9 60-minute
"Heal the Leader Training"

If your team needs a serious boost, the nine-session plan is deeply transormative. We follow a methodical yet personalized journey that consists of 3 steps. 

1. Investigate

2. Clean and Calm

3. Nurture 

Your team will walk away from these sessions with:

  • Skills to implement their per session personalized self-care action plan

  • Knowledge of how to use Functional Nutrition worksheets

  • Emotional Intelligence to increase capacities in self-management and control

  • Understanding of the nervous system to be able to self-soothe

Warrior Pose

Personal note from a fellow leader, 

As changemakers, we are inclined to push our bodies to the limit. We tend to run little sleep, quick caffeine highs, and painkillers to keep moving forward.  Everything seems fine until it’s not.


I only began really listening to my body when my arms and chest broke out with aggressive eczema and simultaneously, I got diarrhea every day for over 6 months. I was itchy, tired, dehydrated, and frustrated that my body was failing me at such an important time in my career. I responded to the fire alarms going off in my body— I had the choice to continue to ignore these symptoms and take more pills. I chose instead to target the roots and do the work, from the inside out using Functional Nutrition and Sound as my guides.


You don’t have to wait until your team gets sicker to help them take care of themselves. 


I offer group trainings services so your teammates and you can live better and work healthier. I will guide your group so each person can support themselves as well as they serve others.

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