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SER is designed to be a lived experience. We invite you to come enjoy this retreat which we have created to be surprising, awe-inspiring, and transformational. In order to facilitate a truly integrative 4-days, we are keeping some details secret. You will find out when you arrive at Serenity all the goodies we have in store for you.

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The format of the program follows the model of the sacred geometry found within the architecture of Serenity with each day centered around one of the 4 elements -  fire, water, earth, and air. 


We will guide you through a deliberate sequence of therapeutic movements, mindfulness practices, sound healing ceremonies, and corporal consciousness. 

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Dia 1

We begin our journey together with a fire-inducing integral yoga practice followed by a sound meditation to awaken our inner fire. Enjoy an evening fire ceremony with journaling and belly-warming cacao. 

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Dia 2

We honor the earth by taking mindful walks in nature, silently observing the natural life that surrounds us. We plant our own succulent gardens, moving our hands deep within the earth. There will be a grounding integrative yoga practice and time to harvest vegetables from the garden for a clean, fresh dinner. 


Dia 3

We will have with a luxurious water experience in the turkish baths, sauna, and jacuzzi. As we connect with the element of water, we learn to flow and be more at ease."


Dia 4

We connect with air through a guided sound healing experience. You are invited to reclaim expression of your voice at an Inner Voice workshop designed to expand your self-healing practices. Join the Circulo de Palabra, a circle where we share open-heartedly our experiences and learnings. 

For those seeking a community of like-minded wellness seekers looking to disconnect from technology and have a transformative inner experience. 


Sandra Montgomery


Human development consultant and body psychotherapist. Specialized in Integrative Gestalt Therapy and Mindful Eating. Certified integral yoga instructor and 
TRE®️ - Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises - certified provider. 
Sandra shares knowledge through an integral and sustainable life style. Physical, mental, emotional, energetical and spiritual health as pillars to engage in harmony and balance with the values of society, economy and the environment for us and for future generations.


Sofia Dugas


Vocal Bodywork guide and vocal instructor, Certified yoga teacher, Hatha Raja Tradition. Functional Nutritionist. 

Today, I am able to live my dream of supporting people in their health journeys. I have seen the power of sound, community, and nutrition work wonders and I invite you to come live this multifaceted experience with us.”

For those seeking inspiration and techniques for a life guided by awareness, presence and pleasure. 



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Join a Community of Like-Minded People 

Improve your mental and emotional health

Boost your energy

Detox from Technology 


Learn how to strengthen and use your voice

Release stress, trauma and tension  release

Explore what it means to truly take care of yourself

Get your hands dirty and connect with mother nature

In Tenjo, 37km from Bogotá you will find Serenity, Gym of Consciousness, cradled between two sacred mountains, the Juaica and the Majuy. In the native Muisca language these names translate to “Portal of the Gods” and “Inside You.” Our Healing Elements retreat combines ancestral practices with contemporary twists for a profoundly integrative and renewing experience. 

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