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Your Voice is Linked to Your Thyroid Health: Here’s How

I work with the Human Voice and Functional Nutrition. A powerful and seemingly unusual pair. I’ve seen a lot of folks with thyroid dysfunction and the majority have an under-functioning thyroid. I began to wonder about the voice/thyroid connection... here is what I found.

The voice and thyroid are intrinsically connected because of their proximity.

“Voice quality is affected by thyroid disease. Hypothyroidism can cause notable voice changes, such as low voice, roughness, reduced range, and vocal fatigue”.

Okay, so we know that thyroid problems affect the voice. But does the way you use or do not use your voice affect the thyroid gland? Here is where science is lacking, yet in clinical practice, I've noticed some patterns.

Clients come to me with difficulties expressing themselves, estranged from their voices. These same folks tend towards under-functioning thyroid glands. This makes sense given the position of the thyroid gland is in direct connection with the larynx. When we vocalize, we vibrate this whole area of the body, stimulating the thyroid.

Could we prevent thyroid disorders or even manage symptoms of thyroid dysfunction by expressing ourselves more and using our voices? I think YES. One way to express ourselves is by singing. And yes, if you can breathe, you can sing.

-reduction in respiratory symptoms

-helps with various speech-motor abnormalities and swallowing control

-pain management

-enhanced immune system activity

If you want to use your voice with intention,

You're invited to my last free Voice Exploration workshop of the year. Thursday, Dec 29, 5 pm EST. Free with registeration HERE.

Come celebrate the New Year by learning about your own voice and how it can be a tool of healing. Connect with Your Authentic Voice.

With love and blessings this holiday season,


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