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5 Unique Gift Ideas for Foodies

Shop Local & Support Colombian Businesses!

Are you a foodie? Do you know a foodie? These holidays, I want to make it easy for you to buy unique gifts from small businesses that are fun, delicious, and nutritious. Shop yummy gifts for your loved ones and maybe they’ll share them with you

1. Delicious sugar alternatives for friends who love to bake: Organic Yacón syrup and Kahé Stevia 100% natural are my fave sweet go-to's.
2. Functional Mushrooms for your more experimental friends from Vital Setas looking for sharper mental clarity, better sleep, or immune support.
3. Golden Chai from Generaser for your friends who like to dabble in different flavors. I've tried A LOT of golden milks and this one is by far my favorite.
4. Leche de Coco from Pristina to pair with the Chai gift set. This is by far the best coconut milk you can find in Colombia because of a special secret ingrediant they use: Balu. Rich in protein & vitamin C.

5. Sacha Inchi for your adventurous vegetarian or vegan friends. This is an Omega3-packed snack that is delicious!
BONUS: If you want to support Colombian farmers more directly, check out Alimentacion Alternativa. This initiative is paying farmers 70% of the $$$ you spend on organic produce. Buy a festive box of organic goodies here: YUM!!!

PS if you receive this email, it also contains a gift inside. This is your official invitation to

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<3 Happy Munchin’,


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