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"Look What I Found at Sprouts!"- Mom

Brain support, Adrenal Support, Sex Glands Support, oh MY!

Have you heard of the latest superfood, Sacha Inchi? After reading this post, you can decide if it's worth $25 a bag (or better- a trip to Latin America!

What is Sacha Inchi?

  • A perennial plant that grows largely across Latin America and is produced in southeast Asia for commercial purposes.

What part of the plant do I eat?

  • The seeds

  • The oil - DO NOT HEAT THIS OIL. Consume as is.

  • The powdered seed

What does it taste like?

  • nutty

  • a bit fishy? (or maybe it's just me)

What does Sacha Inchi do for me?

  • gives you the omega-3s you need to be healthy

  • gives you 8 grams of protein per serving, more than almonds

  • gives you fiber

Why do I need omega-3s?

Your body can produce all the fats it needs except for omega-3s and omega-6s.

These essential fats are key for healthy tissue function in your body and brain health!

They must be eaten or taken supplementally which is why they're called essential.

"Don’t be scared of healthy naturally occurring saturated fats."

-Andrea Nakayama, CEO, Founder of Functional Nutrition Alliance

In summary, the omega-3s in Sacha Inchi,

  • Help the function of your brain cells

  • Support adrenal glands and sex glands

  • Fight inflammation

  • Repair cell damage

  • Metabolize food

Remember, with purpose, perseverance, and pain as our teacher, we can heal. -Sofía
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