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Is your cup a 'healthful' one?

Coffee: One of the most argued-over substances of humankind. It's time to think about it in a new way.

Raise your hand if you've ever tried to give up coffee.

Uh, like all of us here.

There must be a better way to go about this whole coffee paradox. Let's be real: As a species, we love coffee and we are also tortured by some of its supposed side effects. The headaches, the acid reflux, the anxiety.

What if you could enjoy coffee without all the yuck?

If you feel conflicted about whether or not coffee is "good" for you, you're not alone.

Everyone has an opinion about coffee and it's hard to enjoy a cup without being guilt-tripped and shamed.

coffee will save you/coffee will destroy you

coffee will give you anxiety/ coffee will take away your anxiety

coffee will wake you up/ coffee won't let you sleep

coffee will cause heartburn/ coffee will get rid of headaches

Who can we trust besides Meryl Streep??

But in all seriousness. I am here to offer a third vision.

There is a way to enjoy a health-promoting cup of coffee.

Hint: It has nothing to do with caffeine.

Imagine we are in Huila, Colombia talking to Luis Carlos, a specialty coffee connoisseur who comes from multiple generations of coffee growers.

He shared with us his family story. His dad grew up with ideas around maximizing productivity. Being productive in the coffee fields meant paying low wages to workers, using harmful pesticides, and selling whatever coffee they could, whether or not it was fresh or moldy.

Luis Carlos shared his values and his ways of working with coffee. He serves only the cleanest, most healthful cup possible. He believes that we can enjoy a cup of coffee that is beneficial to ourselves, others, and the earth.

So what do I consider a healthful cup after listening to Luis share about his new visions for coffee production & consumption?

1. Clean Production

One Key Question to know if my coffee comes from a clean production:

  • Do I know where this coffee comes from?


Yes. Continue.

No. Pause. Put it down and do some investigating.

2. Ethical Interchange

One Key Question to know if my coffee comes from an ethical interchange:

  • Am I willing to spend more to buy coffee that does the least amount of harm to the earth and all beings?


Yes. Continue.

No. Pause. You get what you pay for and you are most likely consuming moldy coffee.

3. Careful Preparation

One Key Question at the moment of Preparation:

  • Am I drinking burnt coffee?


Yes. Pause. Think about it. Would you eat 3 meals a day if they were all burnt?

No. Continue.

4. Loving Consumption

One Key Question at the moment of Consumption:

  • Am I present enough with this cup of coffee to enjoy it?


Yes. Continue.

No. Pause. Give thanks to this cup of healthful coffee, smile, and take a sip.

Go ahead and enjoy that cup of coffee while reflecting on these ideas. The invitation is this: Upgrade your coffee experience so that you do the least amount of harm to yourself and others.

And remember, "with purpose, perseverance, and pain as our teacher, we can heal."


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1 Comment

Jaime Jiménez
Jaime Jiménez
Sep 30, 2021

Loved it ! Totally agree, we need to change our habits to achieve conscious consumption.

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