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How to Stick to What You Say You’re Going Do: 5 Steps

Have you ever made a promise like this and not gone through with it? New gym membership? Eating more veggies? Spending less money? Showing more appreciation to your partner?


You can't see me, but I'm raising my hand. I'd like to share a story with you.

Last month, I got a super epic Looper (it’s a music-nerd thing). I opened it like it was already Christmas and then, it sat in my house, untouched for the next 10 days.

Before we bought this new technology, my husband said, “I’ve seen this kind of excitement before.” Translation: Sofia, this ain’t going to last.

So, I made a hefty promise to myself: I will study the Looper software for 2 hours every single day after it arrives.

Then I put my feet up and relaxed. Luckily the Looper would take a few months to get to Colombia. 3 days later -> -> -> Looper arrives at my door.

Oh no. Too soon! My self-promise of studying for 2 hours a day got pushed aside and ignored. And on top of that, I beat myself up for not being able to do what I wanted to do.

Did I lack willpower? What was wrong with me? I HAD MY BRAND-NEW LOOPER IN MY HANDS AND JUST PUSHED IT ASIDE?!?

Here’s when it all changed; I stopped beating myself up, and started doing what I know how to do, slowly but surely creating new habits.

Here’s a simple 5-step path to habit change anyone can implement, today.

1. Identify that you’ve slipped into an undesired domain. Get real and look at how you are avoiding what you desperately want. Name it and move on to step 2 without name-calling.
2. Name the trigger, not the behavior. Do you eat a croissant each day at 3 pm when your energy dips? Trigger: energy dip. Behavior: Reach for Croissant.
3. Go to the heart of the trigger. If you have an energy dip at 3pm, we need to address the energy dip and not the croissant! Solution? Get to the root of the energy dip and make shifts where you can. Can have a more consistent sleep routine? Can I go take 5 minutes of natural sunlight in the afternoon? Can I eat more fiber at breakfast that will fuel me throughout the day?
4. Optimize your environment for success: Even if you follow steps 1-3 and don’t succeed, that’s okay! Do you still want something sweet at 3 pm? In this case, could you pack dried fruits and nuts? Instead of restriction, think of creative ways to satisfy what you’re wanting at that moment: something yummy and sweet.
5. Celebrate Micro wins: Even if you keep eating your croissant each day, but have now become aware that this is a habit you’d like to shift congrats! You’ve won. New habits don’t come by force, nor self-hatred, but rather compassion, patience, and micro celebrations!

If you are frustrated because you set way-too-high expectations for yourself and don’t end up following through...*cough* *New Year's Resolutions" try these 5 steps & let me know if they work for you.


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Happy Holidays and remember to hold one another close.



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