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Sofia Dugas

Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor

I work with aspiring and current leaders— those who value their time and energy. Their desire to get better and their respect for professional guidance is why they bring me onto their team. As an expert in sound healing, vocal work, and nutrition, I construct high-touch personalized wellness plans. 


For over 15  years I have I studied the intricacies of the voice. In the early days of my business working with only sound, I wasn't see the transformational results I knew were possible. When I began to study under the wing of my Functional Medicine superhero, Andrea Nakayama, I realized ‘food as medicine’ was the secret ingredient to drastically improve health. Thus was born the Sound Nutrition Lab, an exploratory program that nurtures health and wholeness.

In 2019, I packed my bags for Colombia, thinking I would just spend one year abroad. I serendipitously met the love of my life at a salsa bar and we continue to be partners in this life dance calling Colombia our home. Rooting myself here in the middle of a pandemic was an enormous shift, one that triggered a series of chronic health issues many of which have been radically transformed through nutrition interventions and energy work. 

Most fun flop? I auditioned for The Voice and was rejected. Wah, wah, wah.

Most adored things? I live for torrential tropical rain. I love coffee even though sometimes our relationship has been complicated!

Proud Moment? A proud career move was listening to my intuition to leave a comfortable Fulbright grant and dedicate all my time and energy to the Sound Nutrition Lab. That experience taught me how to support myself first so I can truly be of service to others.

"One of the most impassioned, dynamic, caring, and soul-driven individuals..."

-Amahni, Founder of Teach Me Ms Amahni

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